Welcome to Gallery AI by Amiee Idan.

The insight and inspiration that define my creative eye originated as I grew up sharing the inventive process of my late mother, the prolific visual artist Marian Karron.


A Few Words About Me

I Paint My Own Reality

It has taken me years to arrive at this time in my life where I can devote my energies into expressing the creative side in my soul I knew existed since my youth.

I refer to Gallery AI as "my next chapter in life". Having witnessed my four children’s successive launches into adulthood, I am now ecstatic to be following in my mother's footsteps and in my own way creating artistic representations of my vision.


I love painting watercolors. This passion has been nurtured by my long-time friend and instructor, Margie Samuels. With inspiration from friends and family, I post this gallery of watercolors I have created based on experiences and memories.  I hope you enjoy them.




Get In Touch

Get In Touch

Emotions Through Painting

My paintings displayed here are for sale. I also accept commissions to create paintings with a requested theme or motif. Please contact me by filling out the form below, or by emailing me at hello@artgalleryai.com.

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Amiee Idan

New Jersey / United States - 2020

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